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Our fully trained staff are available Monday to Sunday 7 days a week to remove wasp and hornet nests that have invaded your home. Wasps tend to make their nests in trees, hedges, behind fascia boards, attic spaces, the eves and can nest in the ground. We can remove these from your home quickly without any fuss.

We are an accredited and licensed pest control company with over 25 years of business experience behind us.

Get Rid Of Wasps Nests

As every home and business is different and our estimate can vary from place to place, We try to keep to our pricing policy as best we can, however, there are some factors that can affect the price of our service such as, size of the area to be covered and the number of visits that may be required to solve the pest problem that is there.

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At NO point will your details be divulged to any third parties. You can be assured that we take your privacy very seriously.

Back-Up Service

We use the latest and best pest control products and equipment the market has to offer and this is reflected in the service that we provide and the results that you see. All treatments we supply are guaranteed with our pest control back-up service policy.

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